Possibly Maybe

Today I hit once again a björkish mood. I still stop doing whatever I am doing at the moment when some Björk songs come into my playlist – full songs or certain parts. Even after listening to some certain albums again and again, I still have parts that surprise me.

Today’s song – Possibly Maybe:

Since we broke up
I’m using lipstick again
I’ll suck my tongue
in remembrance of you

This was one of my favourite ones ever since I started listening to Björk. It has a very good rhythm, the perfect balance between moments of silence and music, a weird dance of small particles in the air.

‘Possibly Maybe’ is a song that I can really do rollercoaster rides on and just go for it vocally. It’s one of the first songs that I wrote but didn’t hold my voice back. For me, and this is why I play it live almost every time, as a singer I can really use my voice as an instrument.

Source: Björk’s official site

I love the fact that music still gives me all these great sensations 🙂

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