I went out this evening to buy some stuff and the weather was great.

I could feel the smell of spring in the air. I love when the seasons change and I can feel it in the air. I just hope it will not be a false alarm – like it happened a week or so ago and then it snowed – and in a few weeks I’ll see flowers and green everywhere πŸ˜€

Song of the day – Klimt 1918‘s Nightdriver

Springtime comes, tells me who you are
Insects light stoles these silent stars
Shaking mouth, you should see
the street that flows like a shining tear

I just love these transition seasons (spring and autumn).

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I think we have a few more weeks of summer down here–*I think* I never really knew the dates–let me think. 21 sept-21 dec, spring. 22 dec-21 march, summer. I was right! So here comes autumn.. I love autumn. Winter. Cold. Ice. Ice Age is my favourite animated movie. I almost cried with the 2nd.. yeah, call me crybaby, I don’t mind. Actually, I do. Now I’m crying. You happy? Anywaaaayyy πŸ˜› end of summer is a nice time to move. Fewer clothes, fewer bags. Although right now is raining. And yesterday. And probably tomorrow too. I love the rain too. You didn’t know? I love the rain. Like that sone. Listen to it. Yeah, you should. Now.

  2. Sone means song. It’s a language I invented. With my imaginary friend. Sorry for the diversion. A between square brackets signing off

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