I”m such a sucker for movies that have something to do with dancing. Most of them are not even good – the plot is boring of predictable – but I watch them anyway because there is a lot of choreographed dancing – ballet, hip-hop, South American, combined – and the actors and dancers do it sooooo good.

This is why Dirty Dancing and Save the Last Dance are among my favourite movies. Well, I know the first one is a classic and everything, but they look soooo good when they’re dancing. No to mention Sara‘s character in Save the Last Dance who has a really really nice coreography at the end. I’ve watched the sequels also, but they’re not as good (the dancing still kicks ass).

So, I need suggestions of movies with lost of dancing in them (besides the ones I’ve mentioned)

Please watch how good they look on that stage! Final dance from Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

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