Figure Skating

When I was younger I used to watch the World and the European Figure Skating Championships every year.
I haven’t seen them in about 3 years, but this weekend I watched the free programs for dancing and for men from the World Figure Skating Championships in Göteborg.
I was pretty sad. I don’t know, they seemed less graceful to me, and much more preoccupied with technique. Plus, the male costumes are absolutely horrible. Lots of glitter and beads…even something resembling a skirt over the pants. I mean…come on! they are guys…don’t take away all their pride. What happened to the simple pants + shirt combination I used to see?

And – big question – where are the Russians? They used to rule the rinks.

Another total surprise was the grading system. I have no idea when they changed it but I was used to 1 to 6 grades from experts from different countries.

Oh, well, seems like I really lost touch with these things (one of the very few moments when I regret not having a TV). I kinda miss them…but in their old shape and form.

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