People often ask me if I know why I only became really famous after I traded the Sugarcubes for a solo career. But I don’t really understand that myself. Even though I do have a suspicion. There’s a strange kind of law that says: the more selfish you do something, the stronger the result will eventually be. I started on Debut with that idea. I made that record from a completely egoistic point of view: I was only pleasing myself and making a record I would buy. Because if I’d concentrated on other people’s tastes and on the question whether other people would appreciate what I did, a sort of compromise-album would have emerged. And you can hear something like that right away: an album like that just radiates insecurity and doubt. Because of that too, a lot of people thought that Debut was a very string, very powerful album, I think. But you know, maybe Post is another story and nobody likes it.

This is what Björk herself had to say about Debut. I’m pretty happy about her decision, of being that selfish in her decisions and all. Maybe if she would have thought about what people would like to hear Debut wouldn’t have been the great album it is now. I really can’t see other songs to go that well on that particular album.

One of my major obsessions came from this album – in fact, I had a few, in turns; first Play Dead, then Venus As a Boy, now, Come to Me.

It must be pretty great to be able to create such beautiful music.

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