Nothing is forgotten

I sometimes sit and think about people who I used to be really close to. Friends I’ve lost on the way. We just grew apart with no particular reason, or with some very particular reason.
I wonder if they ever think of me? If they wonder if I’m ok, or I have a headache, if they remember me from a song, a place, or something that I like(d).

I always make associations, and sometimes I hate this, because I have to let go to things I like, so it won’t hurt or feel awkward. This is how I stopped going to some specific places, listening to some bands, using a certain perfume or watching again and again a certain movie.
Tonight, though, I stepped on my principle and against all the damage I listen to a certain song – Urma‘s Perfect Spot – that reminds me of a certain person (and it’s not about a guy and a broken heart. it’s just about a lost friend)

The burden of a choice
My past dissolved…erased
Would you believe my word?
More than words can say…

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