Cover the head

I’m pretty much against covers when it comes to Radiohead. I like the band quite much and I’ve listened to all sorts of covers, but I just don’t find them good enough and I usually get pissed off because a certain artist or band that I generally like would ruin a Radiohead song.

But like it is said, exceptions make the rule more valid. So I actually found two examples that contradict this belief of mine.

First one is Marillion‘s version of Fake Plastic Trees. I don’t know when they started singing it – if they did it more than once – but I’ve heard the song on their Live Unplugged At the Walls (’99) and it sounds…well…perfect. H’s voice is perfect for this song.

I came along the second example a few hours ago, when a friend asked me if I heard the new My Brightest Diamond. When I told him I’m not familiar at all with the band, he made me listen to their version of Lucky. I was really impressed and liked it form the beginning.

So, it’s doable. There are good covers for Radiohead songs 😀

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