Paranoid Park (2007)

Second movie yesterday. This time something more known to the public πŸ™‚

Directed by: Gus Van Sant
Cast: Gabe Nevins, Daniel Liu, Taylor Momsen, Jake Miller

Paranoid Park is a skate park, some sort of skater’s heaven. Alex is only 16 and says he does not skate very well, but when his friend, Jared, asks him to go there, he accepts. He is instantly fascinated by the place, and goes back, but the second time he goes alone. Something awful happens, that changes Alex’s mind a lot.

I loved the way this movie was filmed. Some scenes are amazing. Gabe Nevins was great playing Alex.

It reminded me a lot of a previous movie signed by Van Sant, Elephant (not the plot, but the way the movie was composed and some scenes were shot).

Great movie. A real must see!

seen @ T.I.F.F.

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