Playground lovers and other reasons to commit suicide

I was browsing through Anticonsciousness and saw a post about Air and I suddenly felt a strong desire to listen to The Virgin Suicides album by the French duo.
I can’t remember if I listened to the album first, or saw Sophia Coppola‘s movie. I actually think it was a rather simultaneous think.

I remember how fascinated I remained after I first saw the movie. It’s simplicity and it’s strong message was rather a shock to me (I was a junior in high school, if I remember correctly). I loved it and watched it several times afterward. I liked the silence and the stillness, Kirsten’s voice and the way she played her role. The house, the yard, the street.

The album kept me in a sort of hypnotic state for several days. I felt the same laziness the girls felt trapped in their house. I was screaming on the inside. I wanted a roof where to just sit at night. I guess it was the age. Tonight I found out that I still love this album, although those feelings are gone πŸ™‚ (oh, to be young again).

Two years later I feel in love with Jeffrey Eugenides‘ book which actually was the screenplay for the movie. It totally got my heart and I read it in one day. Just couldn’t let go. This guy writes unbelievably.

Rarely I get surprised by all the aspects. Usually I like the book and not the movie, or the soundtrack doesn’t tell me anything. But in this case, they are perfect.

The Virgin Suicides is a great hear/watch/read πŸ˜‰

(Playground Love by Air)

2 thoughts on “Playground lovers and other reasons to commit suicide

  1. You should really do that. In fact, you should read the book first πŸ˜›

    Anyways, let me know how you liked it πŸ˜€

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