Monsters under the bed

Rodrigo Jarque is another South American underrated singer I stumbled upon. I first heard his music in the movie Lo Bueno de Llorar (I’ve wrote a few words about it here) directed by Matias Bize.

Rodrigo is from Chile and he sings a blend of alternative rock with ambiental, shoegaze and experimental stuff. He released an album named Monstruos Bajo la Cama (Monsters Under the Bed) in 2006. This album was actually supposed to be the soundtrack for another movie signed by Matias, En la Cama (In Bed) but the movie was finished before the album, so a few of the songs were used on the movie mentioned above.

Rodrigo is currently on the verge of releasing his second album, in July. The album is gonna be called Illuminaciones.

My favourite song of which I’ve heard is Patio XXIX.

Check more of his music on his myspace page or page.
I must dig deeper for South American stuff. I’m sure there are some pretty good bands out there, and Rodrigo Jarque and Resplandor are not just some exceptions.

2 thoughts on “Monsters under the bed

  1. Let’s bring some.. reactions!I like this one–the cover at least 🙂 once I get all settled down -as I was telling you about yesterday- I’m gonna bother you with downloads and file-sharing and all that 😉

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