Massive Attack = God (Massive Attack live in Bucharest, August 2nd 2008)

One week ago I attended what proved to be the best gig in my life so far.
I saw Massive Attack live.

After traveling by train 8 hours standing (all the seats were taken by people who were going at the seaside – lucky bastards – and I pretty much had no other satisfying alternative), laughing a lot, sleeping a little and seeing really nice people whom I missed a lot, I arrived at the location.
It was amazingly well organized. Nothing left to say in that department (I’m only mentioning this because in Romania things are not always as they are supposed to be, when it comes to organizing events. Almost every time I’ve been to a major concert/show something wasn’t as smooth as it should have been. But there is hope πŸ˜‰ )

Martina Topley Bird opened for Massive. She was really nice. Chill and mellow, just what was needed. I enjoyed a lot her somehow acoustic show, and loved her 10+ weird instruments that made her sound authentic.

After waiting more than 30 minutes between gigs, with chills down my spine and goosebumps all over, Massive came on stange. I was literally speechless. I’ve been waiting for this moment for several years now, so it was more than anything else, a dream come true.

They were energetic and perfect. A storm on stage. Daddy G and 3D‘s voices and presence on stage were immaculate. Everything was perfect. I really thought they’re gonna have some sort of images screened in the back, instead they surprised me with a gigantic light installation, which had a way bigger effect on the public. Seeing that amazing band bathing in all that light and smoke was dark and effective. Speechless.

They had two lovely girls to help them on stage, Stephanie Dosen and Yolanda Quartey. Yolanda was absolutely amazing on Safe from Harm. She was powerful, as she should have been, especially because she had to match with the social-political messages written all over the big light system behind her (in Romanian, I must add). That trick was so effective I couldn’t utter a single word.
I fell in love with that giant screen behind them.

I’m still overwhelmed by what happened on that stadium. And I’ll always be when I’ll think about this particular concert. I want moooore. Much more.
I must see Massive Attack live again. Maybe next time they’ll sing Special Cases also πŸ˜€ (the only thing missing from this show :D)

Pictures @ (click the “inainte” button to go forward and the “inapoi” button to go back)

Setlist ( may be incomplete): All I Want / Marooned / Kingpin / Rising Son / Teardrop / Mazzanine / Harpsichord / Red Light / Safe From Harm / Marakesh / Inertia Creeps / Unfinished Sympathy / Dobro / Karmacoma.

2 thoughts on “Massive Attack = God (Massive Attack live in Bucharest, August 2nd 2008)

  1. That screen was incredible. And the things they shown on it were so normal and amazing at the same time. I think what I liked the most was the globe on the left (about 1/3 of the screen) and a list of arrivals and departures from an airport on the right (the rest of 2/3 of the screen) It was so ordinary, yet beautiful.

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