The dream that smells like winter’s night

One of my all time favourite bands, Klimt 1918, are gonna have a concert in my city in October (event here). Of course I’m very anxious to see them performing live, I’m making playlists in my head and hoping they’ll sing certain songs.

I’m pretty sure, though, I’m gonna love them no matter what they’re gonna play 😀 especially cause I like all their songs (well, in different amounts, of course, but still.)
These past days I’ve been hung up on their Parade of Adolescence.
This guys are among the bands with the greatest lyrics ever. The more I listen to them the more I love them.

Speaking the mourning
Your breathe on my mouth
And lightbulb hole
For you I’ll find my name.
Winter is gone we just fly in the dust
In the warm flat plaid
When you call my name,
When I see your smile again

And now.
There are no more walls
In your room
No bed no clothes
We need just teens like times

Wake up
And open wide the hymns to hide
Today you take we by the hands to stay

And maybe it’s just a dream
The dream that smells
Like winter’s night
We can’t

Oh we can’t believe
Tone of grey on mouth so close
Is it just a spell
Is it just your smell
Why I saw your smile again?

Oh girl
We fear the sounds of time
We tear our bad shaped lies
No we won’t believe

Oh day
We lead a simple life
We pay a common price
No doubt,
We need just teens like lies.

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