Jaywalking thoughts

  • I’ve never seen a sky so beautiful like the on in my hometown, just after sunset
  • Summer is pretty much over and it’s probably the first time when I’m not nostalgic; nevertheless, I still listen to my 2-summer-is-over songs:

Summer Moved On by A-Ha

The Last Day of Summer by The Cure

  • I’ve always hated Sundays. They’re weird and static and way too silent. I feel like they’re hiding something.
  • I’d like to meet Michel Gondry only to beg him to please please please make a movie after Boris Vian‘s L’Écume des Jours (translated as Froth on the Daydream)
  • I want to must see Radiohead live.
  • It’s almost outrageous how – with more than 40 channels – I have nothing to watch; I once again remembered why I don’t own or need a TV
  • I need a plant of some sort. I want something green and living in my room, and I dislike parrots.
  • When I was little I used to hate autumns. It meant I had to come back in the city and leave behind the beloved countryside. Now I wish it was October all year long. On the other hand, summers were never this hot, I had good holiday friends there, and I had no care in this world; I had a slim idea what computers are and I had no knowledge of this thing called the internet.
  • Placebo are right: music = meds

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