Klimt 1918 concert

It finally happened. The Klimt 1918 concert in Cluj took place last Saturday (11th of October). Needless to say I’ve been waiting for this event for quite some time now (about 2 years ago I was daydreaming how good it would be to see the guys performing live).
They are really nice and talkative people! Energetic and friendly, awesome on stage! I’m glad I had the chance to interact a little with them.

I wish they would have played a little bit more, but hey, they’re human too.

  • Intro
  • The Breathtaking Days (via Lactea)
  • Skygazer
  • Snow of ’85
  • The Graduate
  • Rachel
  • Ghost of a Tape Listener
  • Because of You Tonight
  • They Were Wed By the Sea
  • Nightdriver
  • True Love Is the Oldest Fear
  • Parade of Adolescence. (encore)

I sang and danced the whole show. It’s definitely up there in my top of live performances I’ve attended so far.
So, big thanks to the band, for their awesomeness, to Flowing Mist and Floppy for doing this and to everybody who was there and helped to create that atmosphere 🙂

4 thoughts on “Klimt 1918 concert

  1. acum cand vad si ce melodii au cantat imi vine sa ma spanzur ca nu am putut sa ajung si eu la cj in weekendul ala… (scuze daca ar trebui sa comentez in engl. :P)

  2. Plus că le-o cântat aşa miştooo 8-> Îmi pare şi mie rău că nu ai ajuns 😦
    Comentează cum îţi pică bine 🙂

  3. Aşa-i. Majoritatea care o fost acolo erau în cunoştinţă de cauză 🙂
    Yeah…this is the beginning of a beautiful thing 😉 [cred şi sper]

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