Romanian weekend

This past weekend was pretty busy for me, music wise. Two of my favourite Romanian bands had gigs on Friday and Saturday respectively. So, let’s take it step by step.

Friday night I wanted to see Persona. As it was part of Miau Nights – a more complex event, they were the third and last band to sing that night.

First ones on stage – Melting Carousels, an indie band from Timişoara, Romania. I wasn’t impressed at all, and there something in the girl’s voice I really disliked. So after a 3 songs I went to get something to drink and I sat quietly and waited for the next performers.

I haven’t been so impressed by a Romanian band on stage since I’ve seen Persona, many moths before. The Others [funk/soul/jazz] were awesome. Really energetic bunch – danced during the whole performance. Petra Acker, the lead singer has a great voice, and the saxophone works like magic with their music. They also had Mihnea Blidariu of Luna Amara as a guest with his voice and trumpet. I must state that the saxophone-trumpet combination is genius. They covered Cat Empire’s The Lost Song – sounded great.

Persona come form Timişoara, Romania, and although they are singing for a few years now and have songs to release 3 albums they are pretty unknown to the public [you can find their story and more on their web page]. I fell in love with them when I first saw them performing live, a few months ago. They sing some sort of Brit rock really nice to the ear. They sing really good and their music is really danceable. I had lots of fun, again, at their concert. Big thanks for Noir Désir’s Le vent nous portera cover.

Went dancing after, and from there straight to the train station to pick up my dear friends Dave and Roxi who decided to visit me 😀

After a good sleep [Saturday morning till Saturday afternoon], coffee, catching up and a lot of laughing, we went to see Grimus, the other band I wanted to see this weekend.

This was a pre-launch gig, with friend bands invited. As I don’t like any of the previous performers I won’t even state them. I went to the set location knowing that and I won’t even watch them performing.

I’ve seen Grimus live several times, and I was nicely impressed every one of them. They always do a live show, not only live singing. They put thoughts into their cloths and lights, special effects and all kinds of ways to interact with the audience. It was confirmed to me on Saturday that they are one of the best Romanian live bands, especially new ones. They are gonna release their first album on December the 6th and I really can hardly wait.

Sunday was reserved for walking, chatting, coffee and tea – quality time with my friends. All in all it was a really nice weekend 🙂

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