I think is called nostalgia

It’s 4:35 AM and I can get no sleep. I wanted to listen to FaithlessInsomnia, but somehow ended up with Crazy English Summer on repeat.
Something in this song makes me think about high school, about how everything used to be fun. I never skipped class cause school was all good and nice and I felt like I was missing things if I did skip it.
I didn’t mind getting up at 6 AM just to be at 7 at school to keep up with the crazy schedule that was imposed in my school.
I wanna be a high school kid again. And listen to Crazy English Summer on repeat on a school night, worrying that I might not sleep at all go to school like a zombie 🙂 (like it happened a few times, back in the days)
But I guess memories will just do for now…

Fields of fire that passed the train
The sky is victorious but here comes the rain
Friday is taking me home again,
And I’ve nothing but you on my mind.

Grass is greener without the pain,
I think that I’m changing but I’m just the same
My sun is a ascending again
And I’ve nothing but you on my mind

(Crazy English Summer by Faithless)

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