Sidewaytown – Years In the Wall

It’s funny how, when you can’t sleep you begin to dig all kinda stuff – old pictures and letters, clothes you haven’t worn in months, books you wanted to read and never got round to it because you put something else ahead, or albums you love but still haven’t listened to in a while because of the amount of new things you discovered, or the obsessions that drew your attention from older familiar stuff.

One of these forgotten albums is Sidewaytown‘s Years In the Wall.

It was released last year, but I only got it at the beginning of this one. I was fascinated and listened to it a lot after the first hearing. But tonight I realized I didn’t do it for at least two months. And such an album does not deserve this lack of attention.

Sorry For the Bad View

Sidewaytown is Markus Baltes‘ (ex-Autumnblaze) new project and the present album is the debut of this band. Years In the Wall is a weird combination of post-rock and shoegaze, with dreamy sounds and mellow and calm but emotionally heavy vocals.

Don’t Visit a Dying Bastard

This album can be the soundtrack of any story, the dare is to try to imagine it.

Beautiful Accident, the song that first caught my attention was chosen to be the first (and so far only one) to have a video. And it’s a really good one, I might add.

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