Soundtrack for your movie

Imagine your life is a movie.
You wake up, lazily get out of bed and head towards the bathroom to start a new day. Get out of the house…watch the street and the world around you. Maybe they annoy you, maybe you like them. Perhaps you’re just indifferent. You have your own business to attend to.
Wouldn’t this movie just be complete if it had the perfect soundtrack?
The perfect soundtrack to a day, cinema in one album

This is how it all begins…

(Cinema by Rodrigo Leão)

4 thoughts on “Soundtrack for your movie

  1. am descoperit blogul tău şi l-am urmărit descrescător. nu mi-a scăpat nimic. minunată muzică asculţi. şi, se vede, plăcerea ta înspre muzică e forte multă şi mare 🙂 bravo!

    acum: unde aş putea asculta şi găsi rodrigo leao, cinema, în afară de blogul tău? nici pe youtube nu e de găsit. mersi!

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