Domestika was all about trying to create a paradise in your own home, a very introverted euphoria, a quiet ecstatic state, in that you’re self-sufficient with your heaven. You don’t need stimuli from the outside world. All you need is imagination and human spirit, and faith to want to get there.
So I started recording just little noises around the house, like with pencils and toasters and pots and pans, trying to limit myself that I could only use stuff around the house. Half a year ago when the album was ready, everything about it was domestic. So I thought, OK, we’ve acquired that in an audio sense; we don’t have to be so literate about the title.

And then she changed the name of the album into Vespertine.

You : gardener
You : discipliner
I can obey all of your rules
and still be : be

(Unison by Björk)

4 thoughts on “Vespertine

  1. She’s amazing overall I don’t know if I could decide on a favourite track on this album, I love them all [in slightly different amounts, it’s true], but yeah, Pagan Poetry has something more to it…

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