Rome and Spiritual Front, December 13th, Braşov, Romania

Rome and Spiritual Front, December 13th, Braşov, Romania

Amazing show. Two totally different acts, with contrasting atmospheres in one night.

Rome were first on stage, with their solemn sound and amazing singer. One bass player, a guitarist/drummer, and the singer whit his guitar and sometimes drums on stage, and somebody on the mixer for the sound effects somewhere at the back of the room. One hour and 10 or 15 minutes of neofolkish/industrial sounds. Amazing atmosphere, great setlist:

Ni dieu, ni maitre
Like Lovers
The Orchards
The Torture Detachment
A Burden of Flowers
Hope Dies Painless
Dar Feuerordal
Der Wolfsmantel
A la faveur de la nuit
Neue Erinnerung
Wir gotter der Stadt
Le voile de l’oubli
Der Erscheinungen Flucht
Der Brandtaucher

Spiritual Front were the exact opposite of Rome. They were full of life and energy, I could have danced all show if it weren’t for the seats. Simone is very charismatic, energetic and expressive. His face, his hands and feet couldn’t stand still for a moment. Also, he had a permanent interaction with the public.

The Shining Circle
Bastard Angel
[new song]
I Walk The Dead Line
German Boys
Jesus Died In Las Vegas
[new song]
Song For The Old Man
Ragged Bed
[new song]
Cold Love in A Cold Coffin

Love Through Vaseline

I didn’t take any photos, but Crisitina Petrescu from Metropotam did. You can see them here

Great night, great performances!

4 thoughts on “Rome and Spiritual Front, December 13th, Braşov, Romania

  1. oh yeah…great concert…great bands, wonderful atmosphere. this was probably the last concert under this concept so I’m so glad that I’ve been there.

  2. Only now I’ve noticed that I left you a comment on this post – I simply forgot, so…Sorry for the duplicate comment on the first page (the post with spiritual front:P) – you can deleted if you want:). Well, it seems that will be no more concerts at Reduta, but I’m still hoping that Doru Atomei will change his mind and organize some other concerts. He was not very delighted on the way this concert went…at least, this was my impression after reading his article about the event. For me it will remain as a very nice memory…

  3. I got the same feeling and he probably has his reasons. I sure hope someone else will take his place and try to bring such bands in Ro. I’d love to catch Spiritual Front live after they release the new album 😀

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