My favourite girls

Since the end of the year is approaching with a fast pace, I thought I will gather all the albums I liked or loved this year and write something about them. At least what made me love them or how I got to listen that particular album.
Some of them I’ve already mentioned.

I will begin with the girls that made my year 🙂

I’ve told you about Audrey‘s new album – The Fierce and the Longingbefore its release, and after that, I’ve mentioned how much I loved it. I still do, and I still think these 4 Swedish girls – and the fact that is an all girl band made me include them here –  have a lot to offer in the future.

I’ve also mentioned the great Russian Red, and the album that gave me a lot of obsessions this year, I Love Your Glasses. I was happy to see, a few days ago, that she already has new beautiful songs. I’m already curious how album no.2 is gonna sound like.

Another permanent in my playlists this year was Ane Brun‘s Changing of the Seasons. I was pretty hooked on her A Temporary Dive and I was sure that she could not make a better album. This year’s made me reconsider that statement. When you gather songs like The Fall, The Treehouse Song, Gillian, Changing of the Seasons or The Puzzle, and you even have some amazing videos for some of them, you can’t have something less than great!

Clearly the corners were an easy start
that was when everyone was still
helping me out
when it was time to fill in the frames
they left – they thought I ought
to have gotten over you
by then

(The Puzzle by Ane Brun)

I have this perfect image of a night in New York when I decide to go have a drink by myself. I’m sitting at the bar with a glass of red wine, and this low key band with their singer sitting at a piano in the corner of the room, is doing famous covers. I stop and turn around when this great voice starts singing New York, New York. That would be Cat Power, singing her Jukebox album. She even made me like some songs I wasn’t really fond of before 🙂 Plus, she was able to cover Bob Dylan very good. And that’s a big plus in my books.

(I Believe In You by Cat Power)

I’ve meet Sia while I was listening to Zero 7. After digging around a bit I found out that she has some releases on her own. Breath Me was an instant obsession and I will probably forever think that is the best song on a series finale (and suits what the Six Feet Under producers had in mind like a glove). So when I found out that she has a new album coming out this year, I was really excited. I don’t think it got to Colour the Small One [2005], but Some People Have Real Problems is a nice album without really bringing something new, but at the same time not seeming obsolete.

(The Girl by Sia)

Emiliana Torrini manages to be different with each of her releases. And I was not surprised to see that Me and Armini was nothing like any of her four previous albums. The good thing is that you still recognize Emiliana if you’re familiar with her music. And that’s not just because her voice, she has something unique and personal in the music. A touch of herself. And this is, probably, the reason I like every album of hers.

(Fireheads by Emiliana Torrini)

I didn’t really paid attention to any of Anna Ternheim‘s releases till this year, when she blew me away with Halfway To Fivepoints. I really must look into her previous stuff, as I found out that  the songs included on this album are cut outs from those ones, being some sort of compilation album. She does a great job covering Fleetwood Mac‘s Little Lies, but the highlight is her duet with The Guillemots‘ lead singer, Fyfe Dangerfield.

(Lovers Dream by Anna Ternheim feat. Fyfe Dangerfield)

Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart is the  beautiful second album released by Rachael Yamagata. The first part of the double cd is vulnerable and sad while the second emerges with (almost) anger. This was actually a surprise for me, as I wasn’t expecting something significant from Rachael. I didn’t really get into her first album.

(What If I Leave by Rachael Yamagata)

On the electro side of music, Miss Kittin released a brand new and very nice album called BatBox. Never been into her music, but I could blame that on the fact that I haven’t really gotten into electro since this year…or somewhere around it.

(Kittin Is High by Miss Kittin)

Other female releases worth mentioning in my book, this year, are Alina Orlova with her Laukinis šuo dingo, Scarlett Johansson and her Tom Waits covers album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, My Brightest Diamond‘s A Thousand Shark’s Teeth and Sophie Zelmani‘s The Ocean and Me, which reminds me a great deal of Norah Jones and might grow on me, but I’ve only listened to it a few times since now.

I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff. I’ve also passed on some, cause they didn’t tell me anything after a first listen. Also, I’m sure I’m gonna discover some good female voices from ’08 in the future years. But hey, can’t have ’em all 🙂

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