I am a flower, smell me.

Seems like today is the digging the old faves day.

I used to have this small community of online friends that called me flower because I was using the name fireflower at the moment. I still talk to some of those people. I made good friends with a bunch of them.

So when I first listened to PaatosHypnotique, I really was hypnotized πŸ™‚ It was…well, perfect.

Haven’t listened to it from quite some time now. I’m not surprised to find out that it has the exact same effect on me πŸ™‚

I am a flower, smell me. One thing is certain that is my destiny. Nourish me and i will bring you happiness.
You’re my water, drown me. When we’re together there is harmony. Be with me and all there’ll be is hope and lust.
Here I’m standing naked. Your search for answers will end in agony. You’ll ask me now renounce me to a game in vain.
Here I’m standing withered. For I could keep you, make you a part of me. Mess me up,sob your false tears, cry for me.

(Hypnotique by Paatos)

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