tangled up in single minds

I was hanging out at my favourite pub. I was 17 and trying to have fun. I used to spend all my weekend nights in that pub, with more or less familiar people. We used to hang around after hours, with the doors closed and the music screaming out of the speakers.
One night I kept hearing this song…once, twice…I guess it got to 5 or 6 plays. I had no idea who was the band singing it, but the song was growing on me with each play. I went to the bartender and asked her who the hell was that voice.
I got my answer fast. “These guys singing are Portishead, the girl’s name is Beth Gibbons. The song is called It Could Be Sweet, but you should listen to the whole album. And then to the second one.”

The next few weeks I was hooked on Portishead like on meds. I always think about Nico, the bartender, each time I listen to this band, and thank her, wherever she is now 🙂

I don’t want to hurt you
For no reason have I but fear
And I ain’t guilty of the crimes you accuse me of
But I’m guilty of fear
I’m sorry to remind
You but I’m scared of what we’re creating
This life ain’t fair
You don’t get something for nothing, turn now
Mmmm gotta try a little harder
It could be sweet
Like a long forgotten dream

(It Could Be Sweet by Portishead)

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