you gotta drive all night just to feel like you’re ok

It’s good to have friends that, for your own good, will threat not to speak to you again until you listen to a certain album 🙂 If this wouldn’t have happened, I may have postponed listening to Beck‘s amazing Sea Change
This is one of those few albums that I’ll be able to say it was love at first hearing. I’m only listening to it for the forth time, but it feels so warm and fuzzy already. Like I always knew it. 

Put your hands on the wheel
Let the golden age begin
Let the window down
Feel the moonlight on your skin
Let the desert wind
Cool your aching head
Let the weight of the world
Drift away instead

(The Golden Age by Beck)

I wanna run away to nowhere, on a summer night, with Sea Change puring out of the speakers of my car.

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