dreamin’ of revelry

It’s funny how you listen to a certain song for tens of times maybe and it doesn’t say anything in particular to you. It just has to be the right moment for it to reveal it’s influence and beauty. This is what happened to me in the case of Kings of Leon‘s Revelry. Only By the Night was one of my ’08 favourite albums, and still this song passed unnoticed till today, when I was listening to it in the bus, and passing by a place in my town I really love. I guess it was the perfect song at the perfect time. 

Oh, yeah, this is one of those few songs where the battery does it for me, it sets the perfect mood.

So I drink and I smoke
And I ask If you’re ever around
Even though it was me 
Who drove us right in the ground
See the time we shared
It was precious to me
But all the while
I was dreamin’ of revelry

(Revelry by Kings of Leon)

photo by Dave Davignon

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