in the fishtank

Konkurrent, an independent label from the Netherlands decided to invite different musicians [most of the times 2 bands] in studio, give them 2 days and see what happens. There have been 14 of these attempts, so 14 volumes of In the Fishtank. I’ve listened to all of them, but the one I like the most is definitely the last one, the combination of Isis and Aereogramme

I already knew Isis, in fact they were the reason I got this. Being in love with Panopticon and a big fan of Oceania [the Isis albums], I figured I should give a try to something that sounded this interesting: a combination of post rock bands, each approaching this vast genre from a different perspective: Isis more oriented towards sludge and metal stuff, Aereogramme towards alternative.

(Low Tide by Isis + Aereogramme)

Now it happens that the 3 tracks resulted from those 2 days are one of my favourite musical experiments. As a plus, I became a fan of a new band – because I had to check out the independent work of Aereogramme too, and I ended up really liking them [especially My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go album]. 

Too bad this whole Fishtank project stopped. It would have been interesting to hear more stuff like this.

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