maudlin of the Well

There are a few bands of which I can say I like entirely. All the albums, form the beginning to the end.
One of those is maudlin of the Well.

This band is capable of combining in the most bizarre ways clean vocals with growled ones, rough sounds with jazzy melodic ones. They are quite amazing.

As a plus to the music I love, they have beautiful artworks – they basically kept the same line for all the albums – and you might have noticed by now that artwork is pretty important to me 🙂

I remember how I came across them: a friend sending me a song – Blight of River Systems – from their first album – My Fruit Psychobells… a Seed Combustible (1999) – and telling me that I probably wouldn’t like it all. Of course curiosity made me listen to the whole, and to my surprise I enjoyed it a lot.

(Blight of River Systems by maudlin of the Well)

After loving the first album  I went on listening to the second – Bath (2001) – which if I were to chose a favourite from the three of them I think would win.

(Birth Pains of Astral Projection by maudlin of the Well)

I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t like the third one. I’m quite skeptical that a band can release only stuff I would really like. I’m glad that after listening to  Leaving Your Body Map (2001) (which has one of the nicest album names ever) I was proven wrong. 

(Bizarre Flowers by maudlin of the Well)

Unfortunately they disbanded in 2003 and most of the former members created Kayo Dot (which I still like but it’s not the same).  The good news [for me] is that Toby Driver – one of the key members  – recently announced that they might get together again and release a new album this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes up that they will not break the pattern and release another great album for my ears 🙂

3 thoughts on “maudlin of the Well

  1. FortunAately i found this on time and have fallen knees first for this band.
    Thank you!
    Hunting the other bands you’ve recomanded for maybe the same surpise and kite runners flood.

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