I got your spirit in a photograph

Still in Porcupine Tree mood. Been listening to their music and pausing at certain songs and moments all day long. Man, they are good musicians!
But what usually gets to me the most when it comes to this band is the lyrics. They are so simple yet so powerful. I really can’t imagine how the hell they come with all of them.
I guess that’s just what talent is!

The more I show the way
I feel the less I find you give a damn
The more I get to know the less find that I understand
Innocent, the time we spent, forgot to mention we’re good friends
You thought it was the start of something beautiful?
Well think again.

(The Start of Something Beautiful by Porcupine Tree)

photo by Ali.G

Totally unrelated and for whoever knows what reason, this picture also makes me think about Kazuo Ishiguro‘s Never Let Me Go [great book, btw]

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