Can I hide there too?

First Björk-obsession of mine, sometime back in the 11th grade. Still one of my faves 🙂

I guess ‘Hidden Place’ is sort of about how two people can create a paradise just by uniting. You’ve got an emotional location that’s mutual. And it’s unbreakable. And obviously it’s make-believe.
So, you could argue that it doesn’t exist because it’s invisible, but of course it does. And it’s sort of a one-nil situation. Or, if you believe in something high enough – I mean, maybe at first when you mention it, and you talk about it and it doesn’t exist. It might be artificial, but you just keep on believing in it and it grows strong. It’ll become real, you know. And I guess that’s something, sort of the human spirit conquering the dullness and boredom.

(Björk’s official)

There lies my passion hidden
here lies my love
I’ll hide it under a blanket
lull it to sleep
I’ll keep it in a hidden place

(Hidden Place by Björk)

photo by Maia Averett

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