I was a bit skeptical when I was presented the first Romanian post-rock album. And that because of various reasons.

First of all, I don’t listen to all that is labeled post rock. It has to have a certain something not to be boring or static and to make me enjoy it. This is why I probably have preconceived ideas when it comes to this genre and a recommendation to listen to something new in this field has to come from someone I really trust. 

I have to admit that in this particular case the curiosity had the biggest role. You don’t really hear Romanian bands singing post-rock…not even a song, let alone a whole album. 

So I got Pictural free download, courtesy of the band and label – and the first thing that put a smile on my face was the artwork (by Twilight13Media). Damn lovely 🙂

After listening to the 7 tracks for a few times, I can say this album is a winner. Neither boring nor static, if I would have heard the album without knowing about the band (could easily have been one of the albums I get for the artwork 🙂 ) I wouldn’t have guest it’s made in Ro.

So, congratulation guys (Seidiu Alexandru and Serban Ilicevici) for the very nice work.

(Recovery by Semiosis)

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