Are those dreams inside you head ?

The National are one of the constants in my playlists but lately they’ve been around a little bit more than usual. I guess it’s about the anticipation: they’ve set the date for their new album, High Violet (May 11th), and I can hardly wait for it to be released. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be another great one. The first two songs from it sure seem to indicate that.
So I’m wrapping myself in their rhythms and in Matt‘s voice, creating new crushes and coming back to old ones.

(Lucky You by The National)

3 thoughts on “Are those dreams inside you head ?

  1. :)uuhm, e bine’aici la tine D.
    nu’i mai ascultasem de primavara trecuta, cand luasem supradoza. acu’ o saptamana mi’au revenit’n stari, subit. ca sa dau un search si sa aflu ca tocmai se lanseaza.

  2. Mă bucur că-ți place la mine. Mai hai 🙂
    Eh, știu și eu cum e cu supradozele. De aia încerc să mă moderez și să iau câte puțin din fiecare, să nu ajung la saturație.

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