and no more shall we part…

There is this thing I do that I both love and hate.
I pretty much always associate people with music. Certain songs remind me of my parents, tons of bands/albums/songs make me instantly think of my brother; all my friends have at least a handful of songs attached to their image in my head, and of course all my past relationships have been marked by bands and albums.
I love it because the memories come easier if they have a soundtrack. And I love it that sometimes I remember exactly when I first heard a song, because of the people around me. Or why a certain album reminds me of a certain person.
I hate for pretty much the same reasons. People come and go. You meet them, you are friends, then something like life or distance or nothing in particular interferes and they are no longer really a part of your life, they are just a memory. And listening to that band/album/song is uncomfortable or hard or weird or difficult.
It was the same with Nick Cave. I had this big pause when I simply couldn’t go through more than a few of his songs at once. But since last winter we’re ok again, me and Nick, and I’m finally able to enjoy him again. And I’m more than glad really, cause how sad it is to be unable to listen to something as nice as No More Shall We Part: all the poetry, the emotion and the intensity!

(And No More Shall We Part by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)

2 thoughts on “and no more shall we part…

  1. Among those people you talk about, there surely must be some to whom you always return. And with Nick it’s the same: there are times you may feel too tired to return his phone calls, but there are other times when you’re desperate for him to pick up and then you talk for hours and hours. He’s an amazing man, maybe too intense to swallow in mouthfuls, continually, but quite a healer in smaller amounts.

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