do you believe she said that?

So he tells me about this brilliant show, with great characters and plot and music and whatnot. And because all the usual series I watch are on holiday till September or so, I say why not.
And I start watching Skins. And besides all I was promised it would be, I meet again some songs I really like, and I forgot about, or didn’t pay attention to very much before. Like the one below. I mean, I love Cat Power‘s The Greatest, but I was always struck by other songs on the album, and never by Hate. Never till now, when I heard it on one of the episode’s soundtrack.
Bloody good series, at least the first season and a bit of the second I’ve seen so far.

they can give me pills
or let me drink my fill
the heart wants to explode
far away where nobody knows

(Hate by Cat Power)

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