Toute ma vie, est avec toi.

For a few days now I find myself hearing this little piece of music in my head. This happens especially when I wake up, or walk the streets without music in my ears (you know, going to the kiosk down the corner to buy some little thing, I don’t really take my player with me for those 5 minutes out), suddenly the songs starts singing.
It’s a good one, that’s for sure. The constant rhythm in the back and the explosions of instruments all over it; the pretty pretty voice that repeats the same lyrics like an incantation. What else can be better?
I’m starting to thing that the little people living in my head are listening to it just cause when Régine gets to the part

I’m alone again…
When I’m by myself,
I can be myself,
And my life is coming but I don’t know when.

they all feel really happy and dance around.

(Empty Room by Arcade Fire)

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