Yesterday I did a little spring cleaning, and organized all the corners in my gmail. I came across this email I sent to someone, regarding my let’s call them music related habits.

I decided to post this – with a few cuts that were intended for the original receiver -, since I really enjoyed reading it after almost 2 years.

“I never actually thought about all the small things Me and Music have…rituals, secrets, stuff like that. So what this mail will become, might be a surprise even for me in the end .

I’ve been listening to music since I was a little girl. First stuff I’ve listened to were my parents’ vinyls and cassettes. I attended my first live concert when I was about 7. I went to see a really nice folk band with my dad and my brother. Grew out of that genre, but that is still a very dear memory to me.

When I was about 13 I really got into hip-hop. My best friend at that time was a guy, a class mate of mine, who was also into this kind of music. We used to talk a lot about music at school, exchange music, stuff like that. I begun to mix it a little and listen to alternative stuff as well (Red Hot Chili Peppers and others alike).
During my high school years I’ve had different periods. I was a metalhead in my first 2 (I know it sounds weird, but I really was into the music), listened to a lot of prog and jazz in my last 2.
Now here I am, listening now to a few metal bands, some jazz, some alternative, indie and prog. I still have hip hop bands that I like and some electro bands that really brighten up my days.

During all this time I began to develop weird habits. I have days – or nights – when all I do is search for music I might like.
I listen to all music which comes from Iceland. I love that country and their culture really fascinates me. So if it’s Icelandic, it definitely has a shot.
If I see an artwork I like, it does not matter that I have no idea whatsoever who that band is, what they sing or where they come from, I shall give that album a listen. This is how I’ve discovered a few amazing bands (one of them is the hip-hop band Blue Sky, Black Death, which blew me away with their 08 album).
I have lists of albums to be released in the current year. I’ve been doing this since 05. I like to know the news and also, if I don’t keep lists something might slip.
When I find something I like I annoy all my friends with it till they give it a listen.
I listen to music almost all the time: I need it when I study/work – mostly instrumental stuff, though, when I cook, clean the house and especially when I’m on the streets.

One of my favourite things, though, is to open new cds. The brand new ones. To rip the plastic off, and to open the case for the first time. The cd is sooo shiny and it has no scratch on it. I take it out of the case and put it in the cd player and listen to it at really high volume while studying each and every detail of the booklet (I must have stared at Hail to the Thief for about 2 hours when I got it). I love the fact that because it was sealed the booklet still smells a little of ink.

But I think that nothing in the world compares to live music. The joy and rush I get from the moment I see the band getting on stage, the frantic applause and calling the band back for an encore, that last song that they usually prologue. All the sensations you can get during the actual song…

There are a lot of smaller things. I like to make playlists at certain events: for parties, for special days, or for a normal day in order to make it a little more special. I give them names and I choose a photo that I think it goes with it.
I always listen to SugarcubesBirthday on my birthday, to U2s New Year’s Day on the 1st of January, CocoRosie‘s Good Friday on St. Nicholas’, DeftonesSavory every time I do some cleaning, Porcupine Tree‘s Trains every time I go somewhere – well, I need to get out of the city in order to do that – and to Lampshade‘s Clean when I really need to detach.
I love it when it’s summer or early autumn, and it rains in the morning. I make special playlists for those moments, I keep the volume really up, go on the balcony and have a huge espresso watching the rain.”

So it’s been almost 2 years and pretty much all of these are still habits to me πŸ™‚ I wonder how things will look after another 2-3 years πŸ™‚

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