little nothings

Oh my, it’s been so long since I wrote something around here. Bits and pieces:

▶ I saw God Is an Astronaut live, with lots of great friends, in a lovely place. It was one of the best shows I attended. [whoever knows Romanian can read a bit more here]
▶ My friends are totally awesome. They gave me a place to stay with one of the most comfy beds, books, lovely outings and caffeinated goods [this one smells and tastes amazing | this I’m keeping as it is cuse it’s incredibly pretty; will drink it though before it expires, though 😉 ] – all in all, 2 incredibly great days
Cherry Coke Lip Smacker is one of the cutest things ever. And smells divine.
▶ Watching this, gives me shivers again

▶ Though I was skeptical because of the title, The history of Love turns out to be really good.

6 thoughts on “little nothings

  1. funny story about “The history of love”. Nicole wrote it and showed it to her publisher. Jonathan Safran Foer wrote “Extremely loud and terribly close” and showed it to his publisher. It was the same publisher. He read both stories. They were almost the same story. He talked to both of them: “I think you two should meet”. They did and got married. Ta-daa.

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