I’m here to take you now

Every time I listen to or accidentally hear any of the songs from The National‘s Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers or Alligator I have this one particular day in my mind.
It was last September, the 27th to be more precise, and I had all day to myself in a basically unknown city. I’ve been to Budapest several times, but really, there’s always things to see. And even though I would have loved it if I were there with a good friend or a significant other, I think this way was way better.

It was this beautiful sunny day, with a little bit of wind. I actually felt chilly a few times, even though I had this striped sweater I really love on. And with all the noise and commotion on the streets, everything seemed so peaceful and just really ok.

(Fashion Coat by The National)

The only thing I was capable of listening to without pressing ‘next’ in the middle of the song was The National. So I did. On and on, to these two albums only (they were the only ones I had in my player cause I felt like I was ignoring them previously). They are these little gems that pass a lot of people by. Many of the ones I know got into this band when they released Boxer  so they are more into it and High Violet. I’m not denying, these are really awesome albums, but seriously, the rest of their music deserves so much more attention.

Besides just reminiscing I wanna just say it: don’t be afraid to go alone somewhere, especially if it’s just for a day or two. Chances are you’ll have a great time with yourself and awesome memories that you can totally be selfish about. They will be just yours. Like a great view or a particular moment or sensation. Or maybe just a smile you spotted on a stranger. Or that balcony grid with little iron flowers.

(Daughters of the Soho Riots by The National)

3 thoughts on “I’m here to take you now

    • Whoever writes the lyrics has this strokes of genius in shape of tiny lines that make me fall for entire songs. This is one of the band’s particularity in my book: those lyrics that will haunt me and make me obsess

  1. September 27 is quite a day in the Romanian music blogosphere, ain’t it Vic? 🙂

    As for myself, I don’t know why I had the impression TN had only two albums under their belt, the two most recent. Thanks for the tip.

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