The Hunter

I know you’re not used to me posting such music around here, but I’m thinking at this point (of being such into an album) it’s a must.

Today is  my 3rd day starting with Mastodon‘s new album, The Hunter, and I’m liking it more and more with each listening. I’m not much into heavy riffs and metal in general these past few years (I used to listen to quite a lot of this music when I was in high school) but from time to time I come across an album which I grow to love. And The Hunter has this incredible energy and balance that allows me not to find it too much (and it not to segue into annoying and loud)

I don’t know which is which in terms of the vocals, the boys share their duties, but they sure complete each other.

Without any more blabbing, you can stream the album here. Watch some wicked visuals, too.

Favourite track so far, Thinckening, the 9th [32:00 in the vid above]

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