little nothings

Oh my, it’s been so long since I wrote something around here. Bits and pieces:

▶ I saw God Is an Astronaut live, with lots of great friends, in a lovely place. It was one of the best shows I attended. [whoever knows Romanian can read a bit more here]
▶ My friends are totally awesome. They gave me a place to stay with one of the most comfy beds, books, lovely outings and caffeinated goods [this one smells and tastes amazing | this I’m keeping as it is cuse it’s incredibly pretty; will drink it though before it expires, though 😉 ] – all in all, 2 incredibly great days
▶ Cherry Coke Lip Smacker is one of the cutest things ever. And smells divine.
▶ Watching this, gives me shivers again

▶ Though I was skeptical because of the title, The history of Love turns out to be really good.


Sudden events, then the holidays, then the post holiday daze pretty much kept me away from here. But I’m back, with a bit of a recap.

Music releases wise, I’ve already done some recaps on Babylon Noise. For the non-Romanian readers here, I’m sorry you can’t get all I wrote. Top 50 albums released in 2010 here, and something about the EPs, Romanian albums and concerts here (the important info – names and such – is in bold).


2010 is the year I discovered some new to me amazing bands, that have been around the block for some time but I’ve been ignoring successfully.
Even though the name has passed by my ears several times, only in February I gave Sparklehorse a chance. After a few weeks of obsessively listening to It’s a Wonderful Life in particular, I found out that the brains of Sparklehorse, Mark Linkous, committed suicide. Sad sad day. Well, we’ll always have the music.

(Sick of Goodbyes by Sparklehorse)

I’ve been listening to Arms and Sleepers since I fell in love with the cover of Black Paris 86, back in 2008. Matador was one of my faves of 2009, but only after their amazing live show I grew to genuinely love them. And this love goes on as the guys planned a lot for this new year, including new concert dates for Romania. Now I just have to be patient till then 🙂

(A Mission To Prague by Arms and Sleepers)

Thanks to Arms and Sleepers I’ve started to listen to Uzi and Ari and discovered a wonderful band: a mixture of post rock, electro, indie, shogaze and whatnot, with beats and chimes and beautiful soft vocals.

(Papercuts by Uzi and Ari)

I’ve continued to cultivate my passions for a lot of bands, but most of all ( says) for The National, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Keith Caputo, Porcupine Tree, Elbow.

I revisited Budapest, went to 2 great concerts, walked around the city till I couldn’t feel my feet and had a very good cup of coffee with my brother at Csendes. Great atmosphere.

I’ve had one of the greatest non-music related trips: one week, me and my brother with our bikes in the heart of Transylvania, to visit (some of the) fortified churches.

I drank loads and loads of coffee, cut my hair shorter that it has ever been before, twice (half a cm or somethin like that), and many other more or less boring things.

But enough about last year. Have a good new one.