I’m here to take you now

Every time I listen to or accidentally hear any of the songs from The National‘s Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers or Alligator I have this one particular day in my mind.
It was last September, the 27th to be more precise, and I had all day to myself in a basically unknown city. I’ve been to Budapest several times, but really, there’s always things to see. And even though I would have loved it if I were there with a good friend or a significant other, I think this way was way better.

It was this beautiful sunny day, with a little bit of wind. I actually felt chilly a few times, even though I had this striped sweater I really love on. And with all the noise and commotion on the streets, everything seemed so peaceful and just really ok.

(Fashion Coat by The National)

The only thing I was capable of listening to without pressing ‘next’ in the middle of the song was The National. So I did. On and on, to these two albums only (they were the only ones I had in my player cause I felt like I was ignoring them previously). They are these little gems that pass a lot of people by. Many of the ones I know got into this band when they released Boxer  so they are more into it and High Violet. I’m not denying, these are really awesome albums, but seriously, the rest of their music deserves so much more attention.

Besides just reminiscing I wanna just say it: don’t be afraid to go alone somewhere, especially if it’s just for a day or two. Chances are you’ll have a great time with yourself and awesome memories that you can totally be selfish about. They will be just yours. Like a great view or a particular moment or sensation. Or maybe just a smile you spotted on a stranger. Or that balcony grid with little iron flowers.

(Daughters of the Soho Riots by The National)


So, I was tagged by Octavian to answer to some music-related questions. Feels like an interview ^.^ Let’s see…

1. Name a band or an artist you can’t believe you liked when you were younger.
I used to listen to a lot of Pasarea Colibri when I was in my early teens. It’s this Romanian folk band that I grew to dislike more and more with the passing of time.

2. Name a band or an artist you hated when you were younger and you now love.
Oh, I used to totally dislike Björk. I thought she was creepy and incredibly weird. And at 17 a certain person played me Pagan Poetry and my big love for her started to form.

(Pagan Poetry by Björk)

3. Name a band or a singer who stood the test of time (you liked from the first time you listened to it/him/her).
First that comes to my mind is Deftones (just because I just saw them live). I liked them for 10 years, since I was in my first year of high school and a class mate of mine showed up with White Pony in his hands. But there are more such examples (Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Massive Attack), some of them I don’t listen to that often anymore, but I still love them.

4. Name a song you can’t resist to dance/tap to.
When I hear The Knife‘s Pass This On I start moving, no matter where I am. I do silly head moves if I’m sitting, funny walk if I’m on the street, tap the handlebars if on my bicycle. And of course I love love love dancing to it.

(Pass This On by The Knife)

5. Name an album you like each and every song from.
First ones that come to mind: Radiohead‘s Hail To The Thief, Björk‘s Homogenic, The National‘s High Violet, Jeff Buckley‘s Grace, Arms and SleepersMatador, Ulver‘s Perdition City. And some more 🙂

6. Name a band or an artist you’re so fed up with you never want to hear about anymore.
I don’t really interact with other music than my own playlists or my friends’ So I don’t think there are bands I’m that fed up with.

7. Name a band or an album that your partner or friends love and you can’t stand. AC/DC. Never really liked them and grew to totally dislike them.

8. Your favourite cover.
Can’t have just one. To name a few, from the top of my mind: Jeff Buckley‘s Hallelujah, Thom Yorke‘s All For The Best, José González‘s Heartbeats, The Gathering‘s When The Sun Hits.

(All For The Best by Thom Yorke)

9. Your favourite song or band right now.
Favourite? I can tell you my most listened to lately: Phantogram‘s When I’m Small. On the band part, I’m going through a Deftones craze right now, because I just saw them live :).

(When I’m Small by Phantogram)

Ioana [*], Andu, Dan, Victor [*] and Nicolae, if you please 😉 [Octavian did it in Romanian, you can copy-paste his questions 🙂 ]

Later edit: Weebzam and Bogdan also have some interesting answers 😉


The actual quality of a good show is something I measure in time. I mean, the really good ones, stick with me with tiny impressions on the long run.
For example, I remember exactly the type of chills and that particular feeling I got when I heard God Is an Astronaut‘s Fragile live, about 3 months ago. Hell, I still get those chills every time I listen to the song.

(Fragile by God Is an Astronaut)

photo by Richard Heeks

Perfect memories fall down like ashes.

You repress and repress memories, but it’s on day to day moments when they hit you.
For instance, when you listen to a song and – even if you heard it before, two or three times – the lyrics hit you. And then you remember that night when you sat in the park, saying nothing, in a perfectly comfortable and not at all awkward silence. In perfect darkness. And it’s these moments you miss the most, above the kisses and all the kinky stuff.

Compass points out in all directions.
From this moment we’re over now.
With everything we do we gonna do it.
…perfect darkness is all I can see.

(Perfect Darkness by Fink)

it was a strange reaction…

I had this huge crush on this song at the beginning of ’06. I used to listen to it on repeat, just sitting in the dark. Yeah, come to think of it, it sounds a bit emo. Anyways, I always found it so pure and simple, that anything added to it – even light or movement or whatnot – would burst the bubble break the charm (as Björk would say). This went on and off, for a few weeks.
I don’t think I’ve listened to it since, but a few minutes ago it came to my mind. Just like you’d suddenly remember a person and wonder what he/she’s doing. So I’m currently listening to it for the 5th time. It’s still incredibly simple and pure, but that effect, whatever it was, it’s gone. Now all I get is a distant, unclear memory. And I think that’s more than fine.

(Your Love Means Everything by Faultline)